Lets tackle the Youth Mental Health crisis together.

On April 6th-7th, 2024, I'm embarking on a 30-hour, 200-km journey.

With every step, I'll be raising awareness and fighting for a brighter future for our young people. I will be walking non stop around a 400 metre athletic track, pushing myself to my absolute physical and mental limits.


In Australia, 1 in 5 young people ( aged 12-17) and 1-4 young people ( aged 16-14) struggle with mental health challenges like anxiety and depression. This isn't just a walk, it's a movement, working towards a resilience revolution for young people.

I have chosen to partner with BREED Australia, a Western Sydney charity that will receive 100% of all funds raised through the event to put into their School and Community Learning Programs (Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, and Goal Achievement), working with schools and community groups in Western Sydney.

Together, we can raise awareness and fund crucial programs that give hope to young Australians.

Please donate today and help me make a difference.

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